DIY bookkeeping

Book keeping Over the years, Apel has worked with lots of clients who use QuickBooks. They routinely call us for advice on a range of things—from making entries to navigating within the software itself to producing specific reports. In fact, we encourage our clients to involve us throughout the year with their QuickBooks needs.

If you aren’t yet comfortable with QuickBooks, don’t stress. Instead, partner with Apel. We can walk you through your QuickBooks conundrums and help you eventually become competent and confident with the software.

An endorsement that matters

As CPAs, the staff at Apel could choose from any number of accounting software products to use for our own accounting records. But we choose QuickBooks. We’ve used the software effectively for years and have no plans to change that any time soon.

If you’re having trouble deciding which product would be best for you, please contact us. Based on our extensive experience, we can help you select the kind of software most appropriate for your situation.

For more information on QuickBooks, see our QuickBooks Support page.

Or… let us do the work

Want to free up time for you or your staff? Apel offers bookkeeping services for clients who simply don’t want to develop an expertise in accounting.

So, if you’re thinking you’d love to take bookkeeping off your plate, look to Apel. We’ll stay current with your information, keep your various accounts reconciled, and make sure you know throughout the year how your business is doing. Plus, with a CPA overseeing your work, year-end responsibilities will go a lot more smoothly.

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