Archive: December 2016


How can being organized help you with your taxes?

We are almost to the end of another year and that means tax time is right around the corner. Setting up a system to help gather your tax information is a great way to keep organized. If you have a tax folder started and have been filing away important tax documents throughout the year you […]

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What is the filing deadline for 1099s & W2s this tax season?

Some changes have been made to the 2017 filing deadlines for W2s and 1099s.  Congress passed an act to try and combat fraud that goes into effect in 2017.  It requires that all federal W2s be filed by January 31, 2017.  That means all employers have to be diligent in their efforts to complete year-end […]

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Rising Obamacare Penalties

As you enter 2016, tax law changes are going to become an increasingly big issue when filing your Federal tax return. Federal taxes and laws change every year, but it pays to pay attention to those changes to maximize refunds and minimize payments. One major issue filers should be aware of is the increasing penalties […]

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