Tax Planning & Preparation

Yes, tax laws change, but we stay vigilant for you

Congress continually tinkers with the Internal Revenue Code, which means tax laws are constantly changing. In turn, the IRS adopts positions on various tax matters based upon its own interpretation of the laws. Meanwhile, the courts are continually sorting out what those laws really mean and how they should be applied. On top of that, court rulings in different districts can actually conflict with one another.

Tax Planning & PreparationWith all that complexity, how does anyone keep track of the rules, let alone identify smart strategies for financial planning?

This is where Apel can help you. Not all accountants focus on staying fully up-to-date on changing tax laws—and doing so is as much an art as it is a science. At Apel, keeping abreast of new developments and emerging issues in tax laws and regulations is an inextricable part of how we provide exceptional services to you. It’s how we can confidently and effectively help you make sense of something that’s constantly in flux. And as an Apel client, you’ll benefit from our relentless quest to find every tax-saving opportunity afforded to you.

Apel has the knowledge and experience to take on all areas of federal and state tax return preparation for individuals, sole proprietorships, C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, and estates. We also have the capability to prepare tax returns for every state—for both businesses and individuals.

A proven approach to accurate, money-saving tax returns

At Apel, we focus on conducting a thorough and carefully executed tax planning process with you throughout the year. Yes, our approach leads to the accurate and timely preparation of your tax returns. But the benefits run much deeper than that. We understand that your business and investment decisions are driven by the tax ramifications they bear. That’s why we’ll encourage you to meet with us throughout the year.

As you keep us apprised of internal developments, we’ll be proactively asking you important questions, anticipating events before they unfold, and keeping our eye on opportunities for you to save money. Along the way, we’ll foster a strong rapport with you and help you adjust your tax-planning strategies as your circumstances evolve.

Over the years, clients have found that our tax planning services have proven to be an effective cost/benefit to them. In this environment of political turmoil, tax rates are just as likely to go up as they are down, and the frequency of tax law changes will likely escalate. When you leverage the services of true tax experts who are tenacious about staying current on tax laws and regulations, you’re putting yourself in the best position to save money.

If you’d like to receive more information about our Tax Planning & Preparation services, please contact us at or 608.643.2700.

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