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TASC AgriPlan/BizPlan Section 105
AgriPlan and BizPlan are medical pre-tax plans, specifically for self-employed individuals. AgriPlan/BizPlan is not insurance; rather, it is the benefit vehicle that allows self-employed individuals to pay for their medical expenses with pre-taxed dollars and turn 100% of their medical expenses into a full tax deduction for their business.

This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs who file as a corporation; they are able to offer this pre-tax medical benefit to themselves. If you are a sole-proprietor or an LLC and your spouse assists with the business, you would provide this benefit to your employed spouse (this is necessary because AgriPlan/BizPlan is considered an “employee benefit.”) Besides allowing 100% of your family’s medical premiums and expenses to be paid for with pre-tax dollars, the benefit is also a full tax deduction for your business. Sign up for a TASC section 105 plan today!

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