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Equifax Data Breach and What You Should Know

On September 7, Equifax Inc. announced they had been hacked and as a result over 143 million Americans could be affected. They waited roughly 2 months to get this information to the public-Strike 1 Equifax. This incident occurred between May-June 2017, at which time the hackers were able to access not only credit card numbers, but social security […]

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My Kids are Back In School and I Have Extra Money in My Checking Account- Now What? by Kim Paul

Can you believe it? Summer is over, school is back in session and once again our checking accounts can breathe because we’re no longer paying for daycare for the kids. Now what? Well, there are 3 very good options as to what to do with those extra funds. #1. Take that extra money and build […]

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Break-even or Larger Refund – Should You Adjust Your Withholding?

Are you someone who strives to break-even at tax time so you have more money each check? Or are you someone who likes getting the larger refund? Some individuals have a hard time saving throughout the year so they choose to have more tax withheld.  In doing this they feel they can use the larger refund for […]

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How to Determine if You Qualify for Military Tax Benefits

Did you know that if you are an eligible military member who served in a combat zone, the IRS can exclude your income from taxation? Here is a summary of the policy: First, you must be an eligible member: Secondly, you must be serving or have served in a designated combat zone during the tax […]

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The Many Benefits of the Summer Sun

A lot of my friends have been harassing me lately (in a joking way of course), that my family might be spending just a little too much time out in the sun. Hmm, too much time outdoors?? Is there such a thing? Well yes — but if done responsibly many positive things can come out […]

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