Archive: March 2016


Saving for Retirement

If you think you can’t afford to put away for retirement or can’t afford to put MORE away for retirement, don’t get hung up on Roth IRAs (after tax products).  Use tax deductible products to help offset the cost of the investment or your out of pocket costs currently.  You can put more away because […]

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Monthly Bookkeeping Services for our Clients

When you sign up to have Apel do your monthly accounting, what all does that entail?  It means we will take all the information you bring in and reconcile all third-party accounts.  Third party accounts are many and can include bank accounts, loans, credit cards, payroll accounts, and PayPal or Square accounts.  How can you […]

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Where’s My Tax Refund?

Filing your tax return can be a huge relief especially if you receive a refund.  Of course the natural question you may have is “ how long before I see the money in my bank account?”  Typically it can take 14-21 days for your refund to be deposited to your bank account.   Unfortunately, there can be delays […]

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