Meet the Team at Apel Associates Inc.

Kari Apel

Kari Apel Apel CPA

Kari Apel is the President and CEO of Apel Associates, Inc., which she founded in August 2008. With over 20 years of experience, Kari is an expert in small business, financial & tax matters. A true problem solver, she loves to read books that have a mystery. She says it's her forensic brain at work! Prior to establishing Apel Associates, Inc., Kari worked for an ag/farm based financial organization and also a few larger CPA firms. Kari attended UW-Platteville where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business, Accounting & Finance with an Economics minor and obtained her CPA license under the old school rules.

Kari is no stranger to hard work. She grew up on a crop/dairy farm in Platteville, WI, where she helped in any way possible. While growing up, she fell in love with the Wizardu of Oz- to her the best part of the movie is the flying monkeys! Kari's husband and 3 daughters share her love of all things outdoors, from camping to sports. If you can't find Kari at the office, you will most likely find her coaching her girls' sports activities. One little known fact about Kari; if she had motorcycle you'd probably find her on the open road--she has the license, just not the cycle!

Her variety of interests is reflected in her taste in music. Although Kari mainly listens to country, she will tell you that she is a fan of the classics such as Elvis, the Beatles, and of course Mel Tillis. All of these bring back memories of family, 8 track tapes, and can inspire her to do a little dancing with her girls.

Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson Apel CPALori Nelson is the Corporate Financial Administrator at Apel Associates, Inc. Prior to starting at Apel, Lori worked as an office manager for a Therapeutic CD business in Wisconsin. She has worn many different hats before coming to us, from banking to substitute teaching after earning a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. As a child she even started a library using her own books, and enforced strict rules for her sisters, such as requiring a library card to check books out, and demanding the books to be returned in good condition before the date stamp expired!

Lori lives with her husband on the family farm in Poynette. They share a love of the outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities, from biking to kayaking. This has led them to set the goal to visit every national park in the U.S. As she is traveling, you will most likely find her listening to her favorite band (Bon Jovi), and hoping her and her husband do not encounter a tornado, even though the movie Twister is one of their favorites. If you ask for her thoughts on the best of invention all time, she may give a serious answer like the cotton gin, but she truly believes it's air conditioning!

Lori is a great team player with patience and a fine attention to detail. Two of her big accomplishments during the 2013 tax season were a share in the Cleanest Desk award, and dominating the weekly trivia contest!



Tracy Nodolf

Tracy Nadolf Apel CPA Tracy Nodolf is the Director of Payroll & Accounting and has been with Apel Associates, Inc. since October 2012. Prior to starting at Apel, Tracy worked as the Assistant Controller for an Armored Car facility in Wisconsin. Tracy has over 20 years of experience in the accounting and related fields. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, plus an MBA with a concentration in Accounting.

Born and raised in rural Platteville, WI, Tracy moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, in 1994, where she completed her Bachelor's degree. While living there, she developed a fondness for beach life. To this day, one of her favorite things to do is hang out at the beach with friends and her daughter. Don't be surprised if you find her at the beach reading one of her favorite books, The Firm by John Grisham, or listening to Rhianna. Someday, instead of lounging at the beach, Tracy hopes to be lounging somewhere in Greece or Venice, Italy.

Even though Tracy enjoys the outdoors she loves to spend a little down time indoors relaxing and watching her favorite movie, Something to Talk About. You may also find her telling stories to and laughing with her daughter-anything to see her daughter smile. Always on top of things, Tracy was stiff competition for Lori Nelson in our tax season trivia contest, demonstrating her knowledge and resourcefulness.


Rick Wrensch

Rick Wrensch -  Apel CPARick Wrensch is a CPA who brings over 30 years of experience to our office in Johnson Creek. For over 20 years, Rick was self-employed as a business consultant and income tax preparer. He holds a BBA with emphasis in Accounting from Milton College, and a Masters of Accountancy from the University of South Florida. Rick is most proud of being a co-winner of our highly coveted Cleanest Desk award for the 2013 tax season, showing off his flair for organization!

Born and raised in Johnson Creek, Rick is very involved in the community. He can usually be found at any of the high school sporting events, showing his support and enthusiasm, and is currently serving on the school board. A great mentor and supporter of the kids in the community, Rick loves to share his summer days boating and taking family and friends tubing and water skiing. It is no wonder that his favorite movie is The Sandlot! Rick also enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling, and hopes to travel the entire continental U.S someday by motor home. Hopefully he can find time to fit in a little reading by his favorite authors , John Grisham and David Baldacchi!

Rick is definitely a team player, showing his positive attitude and offering guidance whenever he can. Always one to offer great advice, Rick's motto is "Enjoy your work and become the best at it (no matter what field), and the rest will follow!"

Trayven Weller

Trayven Weller Apel CPATrayven Weller is an Accountant & Tax Specialist with Apel Associates Inc/Wrensch Apel Associates., Trayven attended MATC-Madison/Watertown, where he earned an Associate Degree for Accounting in June 2012. He is currently attending UW-Whitewater to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Though fairly new to the accounting world, Trayven worked side by side with Rick Wrensch during the 2009 & 2010 tax seasons. While attending his last semester at MATC, he completed an internship with Wrensch Apel Associates, which led to his current position in our Johnson Creek office.

Trayven lives in Johnson Creek with his girlfriend of over 10 years and his four year old daughter. One of his true passions is to hang out with his 2 favorite girls, and relax while listening to his favorite music by Drake. Trayven also has an interest in cars, which explains his favorite movie, Fast and Furious. He's always willing to lend a hand when it comes to helping friends with construction projects. Trayven will tell you he's just a text or phone call away, which is why it's no surprise he considers the cell phone the best invention of all time.

Trayven is highly motivated to find answers and is not afraid to learn something new; his daughter challenges him to do this every day. Interestingly enough, Trayven would love to challenge his fear of heights by skydiving. Now if only he could conquer his other fear...spiders!

Jill Wendt

Jill Wendt - Apel CPAJill Wendt is the Office Manager in our Johnson Creek location. She attended MATC-Watertown, where she earned a diploma in the Accounting Assistant program. Prior to joining Apel Associates Inc/ Wrensch Apel Associates, Jill worked as a head teller at a community bank in Watertown.

A lifelong resident of the Jefferson/Johnson Creek area, Jill grew up on her family's dairy farm. During this time she developed a love of the outdoors; enjoying a variety of activities from swimming to biking. While she was a child, she and her brother loved to watch WWF wrestling and would even have their own matches, pretending to be one of their favorite wrestlers!

Most days you will find Jill and her husband spending plenty of quality time with their lab mix, Buster, at the local dog park. Car rides are never boring in their family; they usually range from conversations with Buster, to singing along with some of their favorite bands like "Here Come the Mummies" and "Zac Brown Band". When at home, Jill can usually be found curled up with a good book, most likely by Nora Roberts or Sandra Brown. An avid reader, Jill will tell you the Kindle is the best invention ever!

A team player, Jill is patient and enjoys fitting pieces of a puzzle together; it makes sense that she loves genealogy. Listening to stories from the past and learning more about her family history is a true passion. Recently discovering a bit of Irish lineage has deepened her desire to travel to Ireland someday.

Kim Paul

Jill Wendt - Apel CPA Kim Paul is an Accountant with Apel Associates, Inc. Prior to starting with Apel, Kim worked as a bookkeeper and business consultant for a local firm. Kim attended UW-Whitewater where she earned her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. She has held positions ranging from an office manager to a sales manager, and offers 7 years of experience in bookkeeping and business consulting.

Kim and her husband have made Sauk City their home since 2007, where they live with their 2 children - a shark enthusiast and a future Disney princess. They also love to spend time with their pets, 2 dogs, a fish, and a pesky squirrel that will not leave the bird feeder alone!

When she's not working or volunteering, you will likely find Kim camping, hiking, spending time with her kids at local zoos, or just having some down-time and watching Steve Martin movies. A huge Dave Ramsey fan, it is Kim's dream to someday travel to Tennessee and meet him in person.

Kim's keys to success: "Be Honest. Ask Questions. And follow your instincts."